The easiest thing for me to do is to send you to The Parasitic Plant 9380 dendritic scales r - Links to other sitesConnection, a site where you will find lots of images and information, including links to most other parasitic plant sites.

Other sites containing (taxonomic) Cuscuta information:

Atlas of Alabama, Florida & New York Vascular Plants: distribution maps & synonyms for taxa ocurring in Florida.

Calflora: distribution, synonymy, ecology & biology for the Californian species.

Checklist of the Vascular Plants of Washington State. University of Washington Herbarium

Convolvulaceae Unlimited: a growing website with genus descriptions, geographical distribution, and, in the future, species info and images.

Flora of Texas Database: herbarium specimens, images, references.

Digital Atlas of the Virginia Flora: geographical distribution maps & comments.

E-Flora BC: Electronic Atlas of the Plants of British Columbia: complete information about the 5 species of Cuscuta growing in British Columbia: distribution maps, descriptions, line drawings, ecology, status information in BC, and more!

Flora of China: identification key and descriptions for Chinese species.

Flora of Missouri: A checklist of the species from Missouri following the treatment of Dr. George Yatskievych 2006. Steyermark’s Flora of Missouri. Vol. 2, Missouri Botanical Garden Press [Better use the book].

Flora of Taiwan. Vol 4.: identification key & descriptions for the 3 species that occur in Taiwan (plus line-drawings of Cuscuta australis).

International Plant Index Name (IPNI): names information.

Iowa Plants: Cuscuta (Richard Lutz) 

Jepson Flora Project: absolutely everything you need to know about the Californian species is here! 

Michigan Flora: identification key, ecology, images 

New England Plants; Go Botany: images, description, habitat, distribution

Oregon Plant Atlas: checklist, distribution maps.

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Botanical Type Specimen Register: photographs of the type specimens (please note that we could not link our galleries to the type specimens from US).

Taiwan – research information on Cuscuta in Taiwan.

USDA Plants: profiles for the U.S.A. species

USDA, Germplasm Resources Information Network

W3-TROPICOS: names data & references; chromosome numbers, photographs of the types (please note that we could not link our galleries to the specimens we used from Missouri Botanical Garden Herbarium).

Western Australian Flora: distribution, descriptions and photos of Australian species.

Wisconsin Botanical Information System: checklist of species, synonymy, didtribution maps, floristic ratings.