Fees, Rules and Contacts


All new users must be trained prior to using the equipment in the facility. Normally, training requires 2-4 hours.

You cannot book the instrument for less than one hour. If you book/use it for at least 6 consecutive hours, you will receive 1 hour free.

Depending on the sample type, we may be able to image some for you (at your request), but in this case we will charge the technical support fees. In general, keep in mind that the facility does not have a dedicated technician, and we are making a personal time effort to accommodate your training and technical support.

If you do not have the consumables (e.g. specimen mounts, conductive tape, etc.) for specimen preparation, we can provide them for you and add the costs to the user fees.

User fees


On campus


Off campus -Academic




SEM time

[no technical support required]

35 45 50
+ with technical support 50 60 65


Principal Investigator: Mihai Costea

Research Instrumentation Technician: Gena Braun


                                                      Contact Mihai & Gena