Technical specifications and user manual

The Instrument: technical specifications and user manual


Scanning Electron Microscope SU1510

Features at a glance: Compact & High-performance

  • Electron Source: Tungsten hairpin filament14985 su1500 - The Instrument: technical specifications and user manual
  • Environmental Secondary Electron Detector
  • VP Mode range: 6 ~ 270 Pa
  • Secondary electron image: 3.0nm at 30kV
  • Backscattered electron image: 4.0nm at 30kV
  • Accommodates samples up to 153 mm (diameter) and 60 mm (height)

Right now we do not have Energy dispersive X-ray microanalysis capabilities: sorry!


The footprint of SU-1500 has been reduced by 20% compared to Hitachi S-3000N SEM so that the microscope can be installed in more restricted places than before.

To assist inexperienced users, the SU-1500 includes an on screen operating guide that walk the user step be step through the complete imaging process – from vacuum mode selection to taking a picture. This unique feature allows users of all experience levels to quickly obtain high quality images. 

The advanced technologies incorporated into the SU-1500 provide a guaranteed secondary electron resolution of 4.0nm (variable pressure mode).

For quick observation of non-conductive samples, the SU-1500 utilizes variable pressure mode that eliminates negative charging, and provided the optimum conditions for both imaging and EDX microanalysis(**). Switchover between high and various pressure mode is completed quickly with a single click of the mouse and requires no hardware change by the user.

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User manual